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There may be a lot of truth in the saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but it can grow for you, if you bank, save, and invest wisely, and make the most of opportunities available to add to your income. Intelligent-investor is a personal finance blog that hopes to send you on your way to doing just that.

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New Zapp mobile payment system set to hit the UK in 2014

A new mobile payment system known as Zapp is about to be debuted so that consumers will be able to safely make payments in restaurants and shops with their smartphones. According to Zapp the mobile payment system will be much safer and more secure than paying with a credit card. Zapp will be build into the mobile apps of various banks so that the apps can

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Concerns raised over Help to Buy schemes

Lenders are concerned that the housing market is becoming addicted to Help to Buy schemes provided by the Government and are worried that without a clear exit strategy the market is going to flop again once the flagship scheme is taken away.

Nigel Terrington, the Chairman of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, stated that people need to know how the mortgage market is going to look in

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Retirement isn’t the golden period of life it used to be

Retirement should be a time when you finally get to earn the rewards of working your entire life and a period when you sit back and just enjoy the golden years. However, with the increasing cost of living and the low rates that are now assigned to savings and annuities it can be hard to afford day to day life let alone actually retire and have

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3m see credit card application denied in the past year

Over three million people have had their credit card application denied in the last year according to research released by Totally Money the comparison website. The website survey found that about one out of every ten credit card applications is denied as lenders continue to be very discriminating against all borrowers.

Even borrowers with small blemishes are being hurt by credit card lenders, and every time a

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Investing in Furniture

Why it’s worth investing in quality furniture

When filling a home with furniture for the first time, it is natural to want to buy the best; however, in reality, how many of us can afford to do that? We usually settle for a strange combination of family hand me downs, junk shop finds and a few cheap MDF items. Yes, in a perfect world we would fill

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Advantages of Direct Loan Lenders

There are numerous advantages of working with direct loan lenders. Usually these types of lenders are more knowledgeable and will know the importance of shopping around and comparing different options for the person borrowing the money.  Even though you are looking into working with a direct loan lender, you still should make sure to do your research. You will need to make sure they are trustworthy

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More claims than ever made last winter for burst pipes

The recent report given by Lloyds Bank Home Insurance has indicated that 26,500 claims concerning frozen and burst pipes were brought forward for handling last year. The repair costs for such claims were £39 million. They also had to also handle more than 14,000 claims that were related to wind-storm damages of which the cost of repair was five million pounds.

It is common during the nearing

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OFT slams the charges on savings accounts

Recent research carried out recently by the competition watchdog the Office of Fair Trading indicates that out of the savings an individual saves over 25 years of work, up to 1.5% is lost through different charges. Some savers are more affected because some savings schemes may charge up to 3% or even more.

The government strategies of encouraging citizens to save through auto-enrolment are facing opposition due

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Why it’s sensible to be ready for the future with a funeral plan

It isn’t always easy to think about what happens when you pass away, but anyone can make sure that at least their loved ones won’t be under any unnecessary financial pressure. Taking out a funeral plan makes sense these days, because those you leave behind will be able to organise a suitable goodbye without worrying about going into any further debt.

The vast majority of people these

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